Britain’s Edwards brothers, Leon and Fabian, are the most exciting siblings in MMA since Nate and Nick Diaz


As far as brothers go in MMA history, there’s a fairly long list of good ones.

The legendary ones? That’s a much shorter list. You’d have to include the Gracies, the Shamrocks, the Nogueira twins and, of course, the most famous of them all, the Diaz brothers – Nick and Nate.

Younger brother Nate Diaz is also as tough and gritty as Nick

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Younger brother Nate Diaz is also as tough and gritty as Nick

In the UK, the Edwards brothers might be the first English brothers to try and take over the game.

Both Jamaican-born, they moved over to Birmingham, England when Leon was nine and Fabian was seven.

Leon has surged to 18-3 in his MMA career and ahead of his showdown this Saturday against Belal Muhammad, he’s on an eight-fight winning streak that only Georges St-Pierre and Kamaru Usman have ever bettered at welterweight.

Fabian lost his last outing in Bellator via split decision, but prior to that he was a pristne 9-0 and seemingly destined for the middleweight title.

‘Rocky’ and his brother Fabian Edwards


‘Rocky’ and his brother Fabian Edwards

When Edwards spoke to talkSPORT in early 2020, prior to the pandemic putting fighting on hold for everyone, he admitted he’s been trying to get his brother to sign with UFC for a while now.

“I’ve been trying to get him for a while but I think he’s enjoying his time in Bellator.

“He wants to be a world champion in Bellator first. From speaking to him, he wants to achieve that goal first – he’s so close, probably this year he’ll fight for a world title – so, let him achieve that goal first and then come to the UFC.”

When he finally makes the move to sit alongside Leon, could they headline a UFC London card as England’s proud sons?

“Nah, a Birmingham card together! How good would that be? It’ll happen, it’ll happen. He’s 26, he’s got time on his hands. It’ll happen in the future for sure.”

Fabian Edwards (left) in action in Bellator


Fabian Edwards (left) in action in Bellator

They’re doing all the right things to garner the respect that goes a long way in the fight game.

At this point, you could argue they have better records than the Diaz brothers did. Nick was  a Strikeforce champion, but what makes the Diaz brothers special is their anytime, anywhere mentality.

Nick and Nate aren’t the most decorated stars in UFC history, but everyone wants to fight both of them. It’s a massive name to have on your CV if you can get in there with the Diaz brothers. They do things their own way and they’re the same guys from Stockton, California who trained under the Gracie brothers.

The Birmingham fighters that Leon and Fabian Edwards train with are a tight-knit group

The Birmingham fighters that Leon and Fabian Edwards train with are a tight-knit group

The Edwards brothers are just as gritty and proud. Their father was shot and killed in a nightclub by the time the pair were barely teenagers and to escape the rough streets of Birmingham, their mother guided them towards MMA.

Now, Leon is the fighter everyone wants to duck at welterweight. He has incessantly called the top fighters out but has had a frustrating time getting anyone to agree to face him.

Now, Dana White has promised him a title shot if he defeats Muhammad on Saturday in Las Vegas.

For Fabian, he needs to get back in the win column and sitting at number 10 in the middleweight rankings means he only needs a couple of wins to head towards the title he so desires.

Leon Edwards has actually called out Nate Diaz recently

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Leon Edwards has actually called out Nate Diaz recently

According to Leon it’s a matter of time before the brothers are competing in the UFC. They can create their own legacy, just like the Diaz brothers did. While they’re not directly comparable, they have the same love for the fight game and guts for sure.

Both Edwards brothers train out of Team Renegade BJJ & MMA with the likes of fellow UFC fighters Jai Herbert and Tom Breese.

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