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ESA can be claimed by those who have a disability or health condition that affects how much they can work. ESA can help those who are unable to work due to coronavirus self-isolation rules and additionally, there is also a “new style” ESA which offers similar support but is a contributory benefit and can be claimed on top of Universal Credit.

Benefit claimants can do this is if any of the following apply:

  • The claimant thinks the office dealing with their claim has made an error or missed important evidence
  • you disagree with the reasons for the decision
  • you want to have the decision looked at again

It should be noted some decisions cannot be reconsidered and others will go straight to an appeal.

On top of this, they will need to provide certain details such as personal details and circumstantial evidence such as bank statements.

Following this, the benefits office involved will reconsider their decision and provide claimants with a “mandatory reconsideration notice”.

This notice will break down whether the original decision has been changed along with the reasons for that decision and the evidence it was based on.

It should be remembered benefit payments themselves may increase, decrease, stop or stay the same following a MR.

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