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Former FA chairman Greg Dyke has said he doubts the European Super League will effectively happen. Speaking to talkRADIO, the former footy chairman explained how the proposed ESL lacks support from both football’s governing bodies, UEFA and FIFA. Mr Dyke continued by saying if he were at one of the six breakaway Premier League clubs who want to join the new controversial league, he would now be thinking ‘how do I get out of this?’ 

His damming comments come as the remaining 14 Premier League teams not involved in the ESL are set to hold an extraordinary emergency meeting on Tuesday morning to decide on the next steps.

The former FA chairman was asked by host Julia Hartley-Brewer if the controversial plans will go ahead.

Mr Dyke replied: “I doubt it. Certainly not as it’s planned at the moment.”

He added: “They also haven’t got UEFA and importantly they haven’t got FIFA on side.”

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Mr Dyke continued by saying: “And I think there are lots of things in football that won’t happen if you can’t get FIFA approval.”

“So I doubt whether it will happen.”

The former footy chairman concluded by saying that if he “was running one of those clubs this morning I would be sitting in my office thinking ‘how do I get out of this?'” and later predicted “someone” in the next week will “negotiate a way out of this.”

The damming comments from Mr Dyke come as the world of football was thrown into chaos on Sunday evening following the announcement of the European Super League.

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The proposed ESL will see 20 clubs from across Europe compete in a midweek league where the 15 founder members, including six Prem teams, cannot be relegated, the clubs are set to share a pot of over £3.5 billion but the plans have sparked outrage amongst the footballing community.

Boris Johnson will host a round table with representatives from football governing bodies including the FA and the Premier League as well as fans’ representatives on Tuesday to discuss the proposed European Super League.

But on Monday Mr Johnson promised football fans prior to Tuesday’s meeting of the remaining 14 Premier League clubs he will do everything possible to give the “ludicrous” new league a “straight red”.

Writing in The Sun, the Prime Minister said he was “horrified” at the implications for clubs up and down the country which had a “unique place” at the heart of their communities.


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The Duke of Cambridge – who is the president of the Football Association – was among those who voiced his dismay at the “damage” the plan would do to the national game.

And earlier this morning former England manager Sven Goran-Eriksson told Good Morning Britain that he “absolutely cannot see” the ESL going ahead.

In an angry rant, Mr Goran-Eriksson said: “I strongly say, no don’t do it because that will take away the dream of football.”

On Tuesday morning the remaining 14 clubs in the Premier League not involved in the plans will hold an extraordinary emergency meeting to decide what to do about the so-called ‘Shameless Six’ and steps that can be taken to protect the future of English football.

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