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The climate activist spoke to BBC Newsnight on Tuesday about Biden’s administration. Presenter Mark Urban asked whether it is harder to campaign for the climate under Mr Biden’s presidency as he is less of a “perfect antagonist” compared to Mr Trump.

Ms Thunberg replied: “No, I mean I don’t care about if they are antagonists to me or if they are good media wise and so on.

“We just care about the actual action that is going on, if they are taking real action or not.

“Of course Biden may be a bit less worse for the environment but still we have to look at the actual emissions and the actual action that they are taking.”

Ms Thunberg admitted President Biden offers a “completely different story” compared to Mr Trump who denied climate science.

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According to the Times, Mr Johnson described it as a “clean green initiative” to help support large-scale renewable energy projects across Africa and parts of Asia.

The plans are modelled on the principles of the American Marshall plan which helped rebuild Europe’s economies after WW2.

Mr Urban asked the young climate activist whether the ‘Green Marshall’ plan was a positive move.

Ms Thunberg replied: “It is always a step in the right direction that we are even talking about it and of course all the small steps in the right direction is a step in the right direction.

“But if we actually look what’s happening, the actual emissions, we are right now experiencing the second highest rise in emissions ever in histories. So it doesn’t really reflect what they are saying.”

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