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The Duchess of Sussex has been speaking out a lot since stepping down as a senior royal last year. She and Prince Harry have opened up about their challenging two years as working royals together, and accused The Firm of not protecting them during that time. They have revealed really quite personal information, especially about their mental health, leading many to praise them for their bravery.

However, interest in the Duchess has led some to look further into her past and get an idea of what her life was like pre-Harry, especially during her seven years with Suits.

Meghan and Sarah worked alongside each other in the hit legal drama, playing paralegal Rachel Zane and COO Donna Paulsen respectively.

However, Sarah first shot to fame in her saucy tongue-in-cheek Herbal Essences advert.

The now-infamous 1998 video had Sarah open a bottle of shampoo only for its scent to transport her from the supermarket aisle to a smokey shower scene.

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meghan markle sarah rafferty

Meghan Markle and her Suits co-star Sarah Rafferty (Image: GETTY)

sarah rafferty herbal essences

Sarah Rafferty in the 1998 Herbal Essences advert (Image: YouTube (MemoryMuseum))

The narrator explained: “It takes you where no shampoo has gone before.”

Meanwhile, Sarah lathered it on her hair and made suggestive moans.

The actress reflected on the cheeky advert and recalled discussing it with the Suits cast during a 2014 Buzzfeed interview.

The discussion happened at the house of Patrick J Adams, who played Mike Ross, the main character of the show and love interest to Meghan’s Rachel Zane.

sarah rafferty

Sarah Rafferty in the shower in the Herbal Essences advert (Image: YouTube (MemoryMuseum))

Sarah said: “The cast was at Patrick’s lake house, talking about the job that allowed you to stop waiting tables, and I mentioned this.

“Well, Meghan let out the biggest gasp and said, ‘That was like my sexual awakening!’”

During the candid chat, Sarah, who is now 48, suddenly realised the age difference between her and her colleagues.

She said: “That’s when the real age divide occurred because I assumed the commercial was lost on a VHS tape in a storage unit somewhere.”

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suits cast

Suits cast: Gina Torres, Patrick J Adams, Sarah Rafferty, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle, Gabriel Macht (Image: GETTY)

She then blamed Patrick when the decades-old advert resurfaced and was widely shared online.

Sarah added: “Patrick pulled it up on his iPhone in the middle of nowhere in, like, five seconds ‒ and then he tweeted it.

“Let that be a lesson, everything you do in this business will end up on the Internet eventually.”

Sarah also told Buzzfeed how she managed to land the role that allowed her to stop waiting tables.

meghan markle sarah rafferty

Meghan Markle and Sarah Rafferty in Suits season five (Image: GETTY)

She described the “ridiculous” audition where she had to pretend to have an orgasm.

She said: “I had just finished doing a play at the 800-seat theatre, where I really had to use my full voice, so volume wasn’t an issue.

“Let’s face it, the only thing more ridiculous than having an orgasm because you’re washing your hair is to be in someone’s office auditioning to be the person who has the orgasm because she’s washing her hair.”

Nevertheless, she gave it her all, even “falling to the ground” in an elaborate display.

sarah rafferty

Sarah Rafferty in the 1998 Herbal Essences advert (Image: YouTube (MemoryMuseum))

She said: “My eyes were rolling into the back of my head and I was practically falling to the ground.

“It was the most ridiculous orgasm that could possibly be happening.

“But when I walked out of the room, the other women who were waiting to audition gave me a little round of applause as if to say, ‘I think you got it’.”

When asked more recently whether she is still in touch with Meghan, Sarah simply said that the Duchess is “very busy”.

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