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The Duke of Edinburgh was buried yesterday at Windsor Castle but due to coronavirus restrictions, only 30 people were allowed to attend. The funeral of their grandfather will be the first time the brothers have seen each other face-to-face since the Commonwealth Service in March last year.

But according to a royal expert, it was a “touching gesture” from Peter Phillips who allowed the two brothers to speak.

Vanity Fair’s royal correspondent Katie Nicholl claimed Peter walked slightly ahead at certain points in the procession and he was seen to have “stood back”.

She told the BBC: “I noticed Peter Phillips, I know they were walking as a trio, but the way he just stood back.

“Whether that was something to do with hierarchy or just to enable that image of the two brothers I think will be incredibly touching for many people.”

The two brothers were spotted talking to each other on camera along with Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, on their way back to Windsor Castle.

Ms Nicholl continued: “Clearly there are things that need to be sorted out but if there is one thing we have seen today, this is a family with real emotions and feeling and rifts all being a part of it.

“It will have been an incredibly emotional homecoming for Prince Harry to be reunited with his family.”

While it is not known exactly what the two brothers said to each other, it is believed William said “Yes it was great, wasn’t it”, to which Harry replied “It was as he wanted”, according to lipreaders.

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“Let’s hope that they sort their recent troubles out because the Queen needs them both.”

Royal author Sally Bedell Smith reminded millions of American viewers of Harry and William’s unbreakable bond.

She said: “William was 15 and Harry 12 when they walked behind their mother Princess Diana’s casket, and their grandfather’s funeral will have evoked deep memories of that.

“Right up to the night before Diana’s funeral, it was still undecided whether William and Harry should walk in the procession.

“It was Philip who said to them, ‘If you don’t walk, you’ll regret it for the rest of your lives’. And then he told them, ‘If you walk, I’ll walk with you’.”

Their reunion comes following Harry and Meghan Markle’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made several accusations about their time as members of the royal family.

They claimed there were conversations about the colour of Archie’s skin before he was born.

Meghan – who did not attend the funeral due to being heavily pregnant – also said she was close to suicidal.

Harry and Meghan stepped down as senior members of the Royal Family and moved to California.

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