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PIP is a payment which is made available to individuals who are living with a long term physical or mental health condition, or a disability. The payment is tax-free and available to individuals whether they are in work or not. The amount someone receives from PIP will be dependent on how their condition affects them, rather than the condition itself.

However, for those claiming PIP, there are certain rules which must be borne in mind when it comes to receiving the payment.

A failure to do so could mean dire consequences for the benefit recipients. 

The Government website states: “You could be taken to court or have to pay a penalty if you give the wrong information or do not report a change in your circumstances.”

A circumstantial change can vary, however, the instances where a person will need to contact the PIP enquiry line have been clearly laid out.

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If a person goes into hospital, a care home, prison, or leaves to go abroad, the DWP must be informed.

Another instance where a person will be required to contact the DWP is if they have been paid too much.

People may have to repay the money in the following circumstances:

  • If they did not report a change straight away
  • If they provided the wrong information
  • If they were overpaid by mistake

Thankfully, though, the DWP has made the process as easy as possible to ensure no one is unable to update their claim.

PIP rates have recently changed with the start of the new tax year, so it will be important for individuals to understand how much they could possibly receive.

The daily living element is currently set at either £60.00 or £89.60 per week for those who are eligible.

Whereas the mobility part rate is either £23.70 or £62.55 weekly. 

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