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Text messages and emails have become incredibly popular methods of communication, however sadly, they do come with scam risks. Worryingly, fraudsters may be able to target victims by sending fake messages via these channels.

“Watch out for fake emails or text messages that ask for your details,” the post began.

“We’ll never contact you and ask you to enter your online banking details.

“For more tips to stay safe online, visit our blog,” the tweet continued, including a link to the blog.

“There are a few things you can do to check the website you’re on is safe, including looking out for the padlock next to the web address in your browser,” another tweet read, also signposting the blog for more tips on staying safe online.

NS&I states customers who save online with NS&I can be guaranteed that their money is safe.

“In the unlikely event of money being fraudulently taken from one of your NS&I accounts or investments by someone else, we will reimburse you,” it adds.

The website continues to explain that all NS&I asks is customers follow the recommendations for keeping security information safe.

There a wealth of suggestions on how to reduce the risk of falling victim to a scam.

Reusing passwords from other online accounts is also advised against.

When disposing of documents about the account, people are urged to be careful.

It may be a good idea to shred them first, for instance.

Finally, NS&I savers are directed to check their statements regularly.

Should anything out of the ordinary be spotted, the customer should get in touch with NS&I straight away.

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