Tan France’s TikTok Is Full of Style Hacks and Outfit Ideas


Tan France sees your styling hacks, TikTok influencers, and he raises you the French tuck. That is all he’d have to raise in order to win this competition, considering the fact that the Queer Eye host and stylist coined the style move years ago, but Tan serves up even more easy outfit ideas on his TikTok page that are worth writing home about.

I spent exactly one whole hour watching (and then rewatching) France’s concise and digestible videos that make the art of getting dressed seem so simple. (We also get a sneak peek at his walk-in closet, which looks like a dream, and could be the reason I stayed on his page for so long . . . but I digress.)

The point is that no matter what your wardrobe looks like, Tan’s tricks can be done in a pinch and involve zero crafty DIY skills. The best part is, they will undoubtedly make you feel more polished when you walk out the door. Scroll down to bop along to Tan’s series of videos, then shop some of the essentials you might need to pull off any one of his effortless ensembles, if you don’t have these pieces already.

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