The Best Bucket Hats Under $50


Bucket hats are back with a vengeance. And if we weren’t already convinced they are a must-have accessory for summer 2021, seeing stars like Billie Eilish and Rihanna sport them on the regular has utterly convinced us.

The good news? Rocking this revival trend doesn’t have to come at a celebrity’s price point. Praise to the shopping gods for providing countless trendy, affordable styles across multiple retailers. And because bucket hats are, in fact, a trend, we feel all the wiser shopping well-priced (but still expensive-looking) options. After all, who wants to drop a significant chunk of change on something that may be out of style come next summer?

If you’re looking to try the bucket-hat trend (and shield your face from the sun as an added bonus), keep reading to shop some of our favorite picks under $50.

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