What Happens if Election Irregularities are Found?; How the AZ Audit was Narrowly Saved


The Maricopa County audit has come up against “every challenge that could be thrown at it. The Democrats have now tried several rounds of lawsuits against the auditors, which we defended”, according to Cyber Ninjas (main auditing firm) Lawyer, Alex

The audit is almost complete, with roughly 80% of ballots checked so far. So, what happens if results show that there was election interference?

“What you saw is federal attempts to shut it down… Even without HR one, you see the DOJ getting involved, and trying to shut it down and threatening criminal charges!”
But why so much resistance, if there’s nothing suspicious to find?

“I am glad that the state legislature stood firm against all of this because, had they folded, they would have for all time and for all Americans, forfeited the authority of states over their elections.”

Audit lawyer, Alex Kolodin takes about how close the audit came to being shut down, and the decisive action that was taken to save it.

Watch the full episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/pbEjON7k7Tc

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